viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

WARNING: These eggs are NOT for Easter!

Did your child sign up for the Science Fair this year? Have you started looking for projects but are a little overwhelmed by all the ideas and how to get your child to decide on one they can actually do themselves (because the science fair is not about YOU doing the project for your child....)

First of all the Rubber Egg "egg-periment" (sorry, I couldn't help the bad pun...) above is a perfect science fair candidate! You literally need three ingredients from your kitchen and a little bit of patience and BAM you will turn eggs into rubber! They even bounce...but just don't go too crazy with the bouncing because they are still raw on the inside. And for goodness sake DO NOT use them for an easter egg hunt!

And if Rubber Eggs aren't your child's style, I've gathered up 20 more Science Fair Project Ideas for you and the kids to check out, all sorted by grade level here:

20 Science Fair Project Ideas
(Rubber egg instructions are in the post)
If you have other friends looking for science fair inspiration, be sure and forward this email to them! You are egg-ceptional ;)

Stay creative,

Psst...this project is PERFECT for the science fair.....If you agree pin it for others to try!  
Stay creative!


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